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JSU Board

The Board is responsible for making sure that the goals set by the Annual meeting are achieved. They also investigate how the union can develop in the future.

The Student Union´s Board is the 2nd highest decision-making body and the members are elected by the Annual Meeting. The board consist of 9 members in total:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • 5 students
  • 1 JSU Alumni
  • 1 JU representative

The Board members are the ones taking the strategic decision which propels the union forward. In practice this means that the Board delegates areas and tasks to the staff, and create suggestions and action plans on how to develop the organization. Each individual member has the possibility of improving the student life from many different perspectives as they simultaneously collect valuable experiences. As a member, you get a unique insight into how an organization is operated and developed.

As a student you can during the year send in a proposal (motion) to the Board. The motions cannot be contradictive to the current steering frameworks or annual meeting decisions; however, this is the Board’s job to know. A motion needs to be sent in at least 1 week before a Board meeting.

As a member of Jönköping Student Union, you have the right to attend Board meetings. If you want to participate, you need to email the chairman of the Board (the JSU President) no later than 3 days before if you want to participate physically on-site or the day before if you want to participate digitally (we require that you can have the camera on).

You are of course welcome to contact both the chairperson of the Board at president@js.ju.se and the Board board@js.ju.se with any questions or suggestions that you might have.

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