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Moving with family

In Sweden it is only students that can live in student accommodations and almost all accommodations are either rooms or one-room apartments.

In other words, the vast majority accommodation is only made for one person to live in.

This means that legally you are not allowed to live more people in an accommodation than what it is intended for. If you are more people than allowed the landlord to have the right to evict you.

This in turns means that you will not be able to use the service of studbo.se or JU's accommodation guarantee.

The options left are regular accommodations or private landlords, and we recommend that you follow our accommodation guide from step 2 to 6 and skip the first step.

Some regular landlords use queuing systems and to register you need a Swedish social security number. You will not be able to do this until you arrive in Sweden. There might be possibilities to work the situation out if you call the landlords directly but there are no guarantees.

The easiest options can be to turn to private landlords on Facebook, studbo.se and on Blocket.se.

The Student Union do not own any accommodation, so we don't have options for families either.

If you as an international student have moved with your family to Sweden and would like to share your tips, contact president@js.ju.se.

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