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International housing guarantee

As an international student you have the benefit of signing up for Jönköping University´s accommodation guarantee!

The Accommodation Office at JU provides a vast variety of accommodation for students and as and international students you are guaranteed one of them if you sign-up for the accommodation guarantee!

There are both dorms and regular apartments to which you can apply. The different options range from single or shared apartments, rooms in large or small dorms to shared rooms to split costs.

You can see the full list of available accommodations on the JU´s web page. External link, opens in new window.

Three IMPORANT things to note:

  1. Once you have signed up for the guarantee you are subject to the notice period of 3 months, even if you haven’t signed the physical contract for the individual room or apartment you will receive through the guarantee.

    This mean that even if you find another accommodation you would rather live in, you have to terminate the guarantee or contract and you are legally obliged to pay 3 months’ rent as the notice period in Sweden as a standard are 3 months.

  2. You will only find out which accommodation you were assigned to once you arrive in Jönköping and there is no guarantee that you will get your first choice.

  3. The accommodation guarantee does not cover family members which means that if you intend to move with your family, you cannot use the accommodation guarantee.

You can find more information on how to apply and all important dates on the JU web page. External link, opens in new window.

You can also contact the accomodation office via their mail: accommodation@ju.se

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