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Accommodation guide

Below is a guide with our best tips on how to find an accommodation in Jönköping as a student.

Follow these steps

  1. Register on Studbo.se as soon as you can. (Read more about how Studbo works here External link, opens in new window.)

  2. Check Blocket.se regularly. This is a Swedish web page where you can add adverts on second-hand stuff as well as accommodations. Make sure to write to the landlords posting advertisements about accommodations.

  3. Post your own advertisement on Blocket.se that you are looking for an accommodation. Many landlords are looking for people rather than posting ads themselves.

  4. Join the "lediga lägenheter in Jönköping" group on Facebook. Students who go on an exchange semester often sublet their apartments and post this in Facebooks groups.

  5. Register with landlords who offer regular apartments and rooms. You will find a list of landlords on our website and also on Jönköping Municipality's website.

  6. Look for advertisements for vacant rooms and apartments in local newspapers, such as Jönköpings Posten and Jnytt.

General tips

  1. It can be a good first step to rent second-hand for 6 months to get to know the city and have time to collect some points on studbo.se. So be active in Facebook groups and on blocket.se

  2. Turn on the notifications for the Facebook groups you are part of - sometimes it goes quickly when a suitable apartment shows up.

  3. See if there is someone you can share an apartment with or if someone is looking for a resident.

  4. Take the chance to live in a corridor - you get a unique opportunity to meet other students.

  5. Accept to live a short distance from the university and aim to move closer within 1 year. Råslätt, Huskvarna and Österängen are some examples of areas that have good apartments and are a maximum of 20-25 minutes away with good bus connections!
  1. It can be easier to look for housing outside central Jönköping. Examples of nearby towns are Nässjö, Vaggeryd and Forserum. There are good connections by both train and bus.

On the following page you can read more about things to keep in mind when you´re looking for an accommodation.

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