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Is your education not good enough or do you just have questions and concerns? The Student Union will help you with everything that concerns your education.

The main function of the Student Union is to ensure you receive high quality education. It's important that you have access to information about your rights, obligations, and the rules and regulations of the University. 


In brief it is to make sure that it remains high enough for you to be able to pursue your dream job in the future, or even different qualifications at the university. There are several levels at which the Student Union monitor education quality:

  • Course evaluations - The fundamental building block of our monitoring system is YOU, as you provide the Student Union and the University with valuable information for improvement via the course evaluations you complete after each course.
  • Course evaluators - At the start of every course, course evaluators are chosen from among the students in the class. Their task is to gather the students' opinions on the course various aspects and, based on these, discuss improvements with the course coordinator.If you want to become a course evaluator or have questions to the responsible one in your course, simply contact the quality committee at your school.
  • Quality committees - The Student Association of each School has a quality committee who are there to assist you when you have problems or questions about the quality of your education. To get in touch, please use the contact form.
  • SUK - The Education Committee of the Student Union gathers representatives from all quality committees at the University, and makes decisions regarding educational matters concerning all Schools. 
  • The Education quality representative of the Student Union participates in Jönköping University Education Council as the students' representative to protect your interests and is the president for SUK. if you have any questions, please email us.

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