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New student at JU

As a new student you probably have a lot to think about. Don't worry, below you can find some useful information before starting your first day at JU.

JSU Magazine

As a new student, you probably have a lot of thoughts and questions about the student life at JU. That's why the Student Union has put together a magazine for you with all the information you might need before the start of the semester.

In the magazine, you can read more about Jönköping Student Union and how we work to ensure that you have the best possible study time at JU, both in terms of educational quality and study social.


Before the start of the semester

When you have received confirmation of your place at Jönköping University, it's time to start a new chapter in your life. If you want to come prepared, it may be a good idea to do the following before the beginning of the semester:

If you have a question, don't hesitate to contact us. You´ll find all the contact info on the Contact tab on this web.

Your first day on campus

As soon as you have confirmed your place at Jönköping University, you'll receive a notice to attend a roll call/introduction where you will receive information about your course/program. 

The first few weeks

Your first few weeks are ideally spent exploring campus and all the things it offers. Why not join an association? You can read more about all our associations on our webpage.

Also, don't forget to pay your Student Union membership fee, as it is mandatory to do so at Jönköping University. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You will find all our contact details on our Contact page.

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