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FAQ on housing in Sweden

On this page we offer a FAQs on housing in Sweden.

How many points are required to get an accommodation via studbo.se?

There are no specific points, and it varies depending on which accommodation you are looking for. It is possible to get an accommodation via studbo just when you are newly registered and thus barely have any points. So, sign-up for the rooms or apartments your interested in as soon as you can. Note: you must have a temporary or Swedish social security number to register on studbo.se

As a newly registered, it will be more difficult to get your very own apartment of 30 sqm within 5 minutes from the university. Those apartments normally require a more points, about 6 months and up, but there are plenty of other good options.

For the accommodations that are rented out by private landlords via studbo.se, no points are required. You write directly to the landlord, and they take the person who fits best.

Is it harder to get an accommodation in the autumn than in the spring?

There is greater demand for accommodations in general in the autumn than in the spring, but it depends on the type of accommodation you are looking for. But generally, it is easier in the spring than in the autumn. Therefore, it may also be easier to move from an accommodation you got in the autumn to another one that you would rather like in the spring. Remember to terminate your rental contract in time so you do not have to pay double rents.

What´s the status of the public transport system in Jönköping?

All areas in the city of Jönköping have good public transport communications and from the majority it is possible to go by bike. However, there are some areas where public transport at night is limited.

What do I need to consider when subletting my apartment?

You need a permission from your landlord to sublet an apartment that you are renting. Reasons for subletting can be working or studying somewhere else or abroad, cohabitation trial, lengthy hospital or hospice stay etc. If you own a bostadsrätt, you need permission from the building association. You can sublet a furnished apartment with +10-15% of the rent of your apartment, otherwise you have to take the same rent that you are paying.

As a person under the original rental agreement, you are responsible for the apartment. Thus if the subtenant would break something, as the original tenant you are responsible for the damages. This is why it is important to sign a contract with the person subletting your apartment. Also as the original tenant, you are responsible that the rent is paid in time.

When do I need to terminate my contract for a rental apartment?

In Sweden most of the time the notice is to be given 3 months in advance. Thus, if you want to move out in the end of June you need to terminate the contract by the last day of March. Generally, the months are calculated from full months, depending however on the contract.

When can a landlord terminate my contract?

If you as a tenant are late with your rental payments, the landlord can terminate your contract. This is the case when the payment is at least one week late after the due date.

Other reasons when the landlord has the right to terminate the contract can be damages or violations of your contract (such as disturbances). Usually there are warnings in place that give an indication of such disturbances. After three warnings the landlord can terminate the contract.

When is it possible not to get back my deposit?

If the tenancy is terminated due to forfeiture then the landlord is entitled to claim damages, according to the sixth and last paragraph of the 42 § of the 12th chapter of the Swedish Land Code. These damages could amount to the potential rents that the landlord lost due to the termination of your contract, or less. This can be taken out of the deposit.

On the following page you can read more about the International housing guarantee.

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