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JSU Board meeting, June

Durring the 1st of June the Board assembled for the last regular Board meeting this year. It was a heart felt meeting where goodbyes where met with tears in the eyes for many. Anton, Eric, Kotryna and Ellen are leaving the Board as the new Board takes over on the 1st of July.


The Board decided to hold by-elections for the JSU Board positions in August. New by-elections will also be held for the Operation Controller position.

The Board and the Nomination Committee was however able to elect three new Nomination Committee members. The following representatives where elected:

JHH: Guillermo Illanes

JIBS: Sonja Ihalainen

JSU representative: Fanny Johansson

JSU Generals

The Board also accepted three new JSU Generals into service at the Student Union and appointed student representatives:

New JSU Generals:

LOK: Victoria Balika

HI TECH: Erika Falk

Hälsosektion: Erica Karlsson

JSA: is still vacant

Student representatives:

NUF ordinary: Jenný Jensdóttír

NUF substitute: Erika Falk

DAN ordinary: Sophia Fröberg Liljenberg

DAN ordinary: Jonathan Fredriksson

DAN substitute: Erika Falk

DAN substitute: Erica Karlsson

HJÖN ordinary: Victoria Balika

HJÖN substitute: Jenný Jensdóttír

AMK: Sophia Fröberg Liljenberg

The Student Union would like to welcome all new students, representatives and generals! In addition we wish all board members who are leaving the Board in July good luck in the future! We will miss you!

Anton Eriksson, HLK representative (2018-2020)

Ellen Klaesson Mases, HHJ representative (2018-2020)

Eric Gustafsson, Regular board member (2019-2020)

Kotryna Rudelyté, Regular board member (2019-2020)

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