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Health and well-being

Although an important part of being a student is to have fun, an even more important one concerns your well-being, so that you can achieve your goals. When you feel stressed or need someone who can give you advice, the Student Union and the Student Health Care are there for you.


Together with the Student Health Care External link., the University's department for study-related health care, the Student Union works actively to secure your well-being. This may involve anything from improving the learning environment on campus to ensuring that you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy an active life outside the classroom.

Contact the Student Health Care: studenthalsan@ju.se

How can the Student Health Care help you?

The Student Health Care is a rock to hold on to when the gale blows. For example, if you feel stress creeping up during an exam period, you can always turn to the Student Health Care for advice and counseling. Why not learn more about stress management? In addition to helping you to handle periods of high workload, the Student Health Care offers the following:

Remember that all visits to the Student Health Care are free of charge and that doctor-patient confidentiality apply.

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Don't forget!

It's important to take a break from your studies once in a while.

Why not go on a trip or join an association to find new friends and new challenges.

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