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Qultmästeriet at JU welcomes members from all faculty schools. Together they arrange sittningar and events.

Qultmästeriet is Qults sexmastery at Jönköping University. Qult is a travel organization that arranges party trips for students to other universities in Sweden. Members in Qult kan easily be identified by their black overalls. Members in Qultmästeriet kan also be seen wearing hoodies with our logo on it. You will almost always find us at Akademien where we also work together with the other sexmasteries at the school. Qultmästeriet arranges two sittings per year, Midvinterblotet during the fall semester and Hårdrockssittningen during the spring semester. We also arrange smaller events such as Påskdônksjakten during easter.
Qult host the event Syndafloden in early march every year. Syndafloden is Jönköpings big party for students studying at other universities in Sweden.

Are you interested in joining a trip with us? Do you want more information or do you feel like joining Qultmästeriet? Don’t hesitate to contact us on our social medias. We accept students from all faculties at Jönköping University.

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