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Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is the highest decision-making body of Jönköping Student Union and convenes once a year. This is where you as a member have the chance to influence what the Student Union should focus on and to elect new students as its officials.

The Annual Meeting of the Student Union can be compared to a national assembly. In April or May every year, students (delegates) from all schools convene to decide on a budget and set down goals and visions for the Student Union. Should the focus be on the integration of international students or increased construction of student housing? You decide!

As the Annual Meeting draws near in the spring, you'll be able to apply to become one of the delegates that your Student Association sends to the Annual Meeting to vote on its behalf. Naturally, all students are entitled to submit motions for the Annual Meeting to consider, and the delegates represent the interests of their student association when they cast their votes.


As was mentioned above, the Annual Meeting generally decides on a budget and sets down the goals, visions and strategies for the Student Union based on the views of the students. The resolutions taken during the Annual Meeting form "the law of the organization", and we will all work together to realize them over the coming year. 

Other exciting parts of the Annual Meeting are:

  • Electing a new Board: If the Annual Meeting can be compared to the national assembly of the Student Union, the Board is the government. The Board has 11 members who are tasked with executing the decisions of the Annual Meeting and making decisions with the aim to realize these goals. 
  • Electing the Presidium: This body comprises the President and the Vice President of the Student Union. These two posts have a one-year term of office, and if you're interested in running for one of them, you should keep in mind that the President and Vice President of the Student Union are paid officials which are required to work 100% and will thus have to take leave from their studies.
  • Election of Operation Controllers: The Annual Meeting elects Operation Controllers who audit the Student Union, and investigate that the resolutions taken by the Annual Meeting are carried out.


There are four ways in which you can influence the Annual Meeting. These are:

Become a delegate: Prior to the Annual Meeting, which is held in April or May every year, the Student Associations elect delegates, who are entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting. Elections take place at the bi-annual meetings of the Student Associations. 

Submit a motion: In short, a motion is a proposal in which you suggest changes or express your wishes. Motions are to be submitted to the Student Union three weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. 

Submit an interpellation: An interpellation is a question concerning the operations of the Student Union which you want a formal answer to. As with motions, interpellations are to be submitted to the Student Union three weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. 

Speak at the Annual Meeting: All students are entitled to attend and speak at the Annual Meeting. All you have to do is be there and voice your opinions. 

PS. Take a look in the right column. There you´ll find a guide to the Annual Meeting.

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