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JU ElectroLab

Have you ever wanted to solder? Maybe even design your own circuit boards? Or perhaps you already know these things and want a place to work on projects and hangout? Then JU Electrolab could be the club for you!

We want to help introduce new people to these two fields that so often are out of reach to who haven’t got access to a workshop with the right tools. We aim to have both Open Workshop evenings where anyone can try soldering, and even courses in both soldering and circuit board design!

For those who already have experience in these fields, we hope to be a worthy workshop for you to build successful projects in! The courses are open to all our members, new and experienced.

Our hope is to make this hobby of ours available to all, and an enjoyable time for those who wish to join us; with plans of hangouts in the workshop where we work on projects together, to the yearly JU Electrolab Grand Solderingchip, and hopefully much, much more!

Interested? Apply for membership now, or head over to any of our pages for more info and a look into our current doings!

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