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We have a mandatory union fee at JU. This decision was made by The Foundation Governing Board at Jönköping University in 2011.

There are several payment options:

If you are unable to pay in any of these ways, please contact studentservice@js.ju.se, and we will assist you.

To be able to pay the union fee, you must first register through StudentLadok for the programs and courses you will be studying. After registration, you can normally pay the union fee the following day after lunch. During busy times, such as the start of a semester, it may take up to two days for the registration to reach the Student Union.

The following membership fees apply per semester:

  • Program student = 330 SEK
  • Courses totaling over 15 credits = 330 SEK
  • Courses totaling 7.6–15 credits = 200 SEK
  • Courses totaling 1–7.5 credits = 50 SEK
  • Regional learning centers; over 7.6 credits = 200 SEK
  • Regional learning centers; 7.5 credits or less = 50 SEK
  • Distance education, regardless of credits/semester = 50 SEK 
  • Supporting member = 200 SEK

Exemptions from the union fee

If you are on a study break, studying abroad, or enrolled in a commissioned education program, you can choose whether you want to be a part of the Student Union or not. The same applies to doctoral students, foundation year students, higher vocational students, and supervisor trainees. If you still want to support the Student Union and enjoy student discounts and the student life offered in Jönköping, you can, of course, become a member anyway. Contact Studentservice, and we will assist you. If you are a tuition paying student, JU will pay your membership fee

Supporting member

If you are not a student at JU, you can still become a member of the Jönköping Student Union. This way, you gain access to everything that a student at JU enjoys, and you contribute to ensuring that JU students have the best possible student experience.

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