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The guest list

If you would like to bring friends from other higher education institutions to Akademien Nightclub on a regular Wednesday night, all you have to do is register them on the guest list.

The guest list is found in Student Service, and in order to be able to bring a guest, registration has to be done no later than 2pm the same day.

Registration on the guest list comes with 70 SEK charge per guest and there's a maximum of four guests per Student Union member and night.


There are some things you and your guest/s should keep in mind:

  • When you sign up your friend in Student Service, show their student ID.
  • Your guest must study on a different University in Sweden in order for you to sign them up. This does not apply during the open nights.
  • In order to be admitted, all guests must show their ID and Student Union membership card
  • Guests must pay the admission fee of 70 SEK after 10 pm.
  • Registration on the guest list does not guarantee admission to Akademien Nightclub. If the club's full, it's full. The same rules apply to all guests.
  • The President and the Vice President of the Jönköping Student Union are, after consulting the Service Operations Manager, entitled to make decisions regarding exceptions from these rules. 
  • Don't forget that you're responsible all guests you've invited to the night club.

The guest list and Open Nights

The guest list is primarily meant to be used to invite those of your friends who study in other cities, but a few nights every semester it's Open Night at Akademien Nightclub. This is your opportunity to invite anyone over the age of 18 to be your guest. 

Please note: With the exception that Student Union membership is not required, the same rules apply to Open Nights as to any other night. 

Check the calender for the next Open Night.

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