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JSU Presidium

The Presidium is jointly responsible for the day-to-day operations and that the Board's decisions are achieved.

The presidium consists of the JSU President and Vice President, two students at JU who have taken a study break for one year to work at the Student Union. Both have their individual tasks where the President is primarily responsible for the board and organizational questions and the Vice President is primarily responsible for the quality of education.

The Presidium must in the majority of situations take the decision together as they have little decision power on their own. This is to ensure a higher level of democracy as the Presidium’s voice in the organization is strong. Together they are also responsible for following up on the Board´s decisions and making the decisions needed to keep the day-to-day operations going. It is the Board that makes virtually all development decisions, but as the presidium knows the organization more in detail than the board, they are responsible for submitting proposals on how the union can be developed.

If you have thoughts or ideas about student life or the union as an organization, you are warmly welcome to contact the Presidium. No subject is too small or too large for the Presidium to address.

You can email president@js.ju.se or vicepresident@js.ju.se or you can come by their office on the 2nd floor of the Students' House.

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