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Starting your studies in another city means that you will have to find a new home. In the following pages we provide some useful tips and information to answer the question “How can I find an accommodation in Jönköping?"

Find the right accommodation

Can the Student Union help me find an accommodation?

The short answer is no. The Student Union does not own any accommodations as an organization and thereby we cannot help you as an individual to find a room or apartment. We work with the accommodation questions on a political level, which means that we lobby for more accommodations to be built with student-friendly rents so that more students can find a home and afford it.

How do I find an accommodation in Jönköping then?

If you are an international student you have the right to apply for JU's accommodation guarantee, which means that you do not have to look for an accommodation on your own.

If you are a national student or want to look for an accommodation on your own the following is good to know:

In Sweden it is only students that can live in student accommodations and almost all accommodations are either rooms or one-room apartments. In other words, the vast majority accommodation is only made for one person to live in. If you are an international student planning on moving to Sweden with your family, please read more information here as normal student accommodation will not be an option for you!

In Jönköping, you will find all official student apartments, ie apartments that are rented out by a company, via a website called Studbo. You can also find some of the private landlords on Studbo, but many of them can be found on Facebook or Blocket.se. Follow the steps in our accommodation guide!

How does Studbo work?

Studbo has a queuing system External link, opens in new window., and you get a queue point for each day you are registered. It costs nothing to register. However, to be able to registered it is required that you have a Swedish social security number. This means that as an international student you cannot register before you have received your temporary social security number. You will receive this when you arrive to JU. We recommend that you, for you first semester, use the benefit of JU´s accommodation guarantee or look for a private landlord.

To be able to sign a contract you have to prove to the landlord that you are admitted to a program at JU and study at least 15 credits per semester. You can receive such certificate at Service Center.

It is important to remember when collecting points that you must log in and save your information once every six months to keep your place in the queue.

On the following page you will find som tips to help you with your future search.

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Do not forget to get a home insurance before you travel abroad. It is usually easier to do it back home before you travel to Jönköping.


Use the code JS50 and get 50% off your home insurance the first three months at Hedvig. External link, opens in new window.

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