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Working at the student union

The Student Union has a number of students working full-time with everything from organizing the Kick Off and Kick Off Festival to representing the interests of the students in the decision-making bodies of the University.

These students are elected officials and serve a one-year term of office. Maybe you'll be the next President of the Jönköping Student Union? If you'd like to work with the Student Union, there are a few things you should bear in mind:

  • The President, the Vice President, and the Project leader serve a one-year term of office. Note that only students who speaks Swedish can apply for the position as Project leader due to that much of the work involves contact with Swedish authorities.
  • All students holding an employment with the Student Union must take time out from their studies to work full-time for the Student Union.
  • All students holding an employment with the Student Union receive (financial) remuneration on a monthly basis.
  • Vacancies are advertised on our webpage and through other channels well in advance. The Project leader is elected at the end of the year, while the President and the Vice President are elected at the Annual Meeting, which is held in April-May every year.

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