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JSU Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is the key to find the next generation renumerated students working at JSU and volunteers.

The Nomination Committee's main task is to conduct interviews with applicants for various positions within the Student Union. The Nomination committee need to have good knowledge of the vacant positions and of the organization to be able to make a nomination by the end of the election. In other words, the committee is involved in the entire recruitment process and they will present their nomination for the Board or the Annual Meeting, depending on the position.

The Nomination Committee consists of 5 students elected during the annual meeting. Each faculty school is representative in the Nomination Committee. To avoid an even number, there is a fifth member who is elected as a JSU representative and can be from any of the schools.

Which elections are the Nomination Committee involved in?

  • Project Leader (elected in November each year)
  • The board (elected in April or May each year)
  • Presidium (elected in April or May each year)
  • Operations Controller (selected in April or May each year)
  • The Nomination Committee (elected in April or May each year)
  • Any by-elections performed to fill the above positions

If you have any questions to the nomination committee you can contact them here nominationcommittee@js.ju.se

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