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Kick Off

At the start of the semester, Jönköping Student Union organizes a Kick Off to introduce new students to the University and Jönköping.

WHAT'S the Kick Off ALL ABOUT?

Kick Off contains of a ten days long event in the fall and a five days event in the spring. It's full of fun icebreakers and team building activities that lets you get to know your classmates. Kick Off is there to make sure that YOU feel that your period of study starts in a good way and to help you acquaint yourself with your new environment. 

You and your classmates are divided into groups led by older students, "faddrar", who help you settle in. Mornings are spent on information sessions held by the University, while afternoons and evenings are dedicated to activities and various forms of entertainment. 

Of course, participation is voluntary and there's no coercion. The Student Union recommends you to participate thus many of the questions you may have will find answers and you're sure to make many new friends.

Activities during Kick Off

The activities you'll be able to participate in during the Kick-off week differ slightly between the Schools. You'll find the schedule in the app "Kick Off JU".

The Student Union organizes a number of activities to which students from all Schools are welcome, for example the Kick Off Festival External link, opens in new window.. A huge festival, only for our students, with awesome artists, food etc.  


During the Kick Off, about 600 "faddrar" volunteer in order for all the new students to have someone they can turn to with questions about their studies and life as a student. A fadder is an older student who has completed the Student Union' faddership training program, which includes leadership and first aid. 

Your faddrar will remain with you all through the Kick Off and will look after you to make sure your introduction is a good experience. They're easily recognizable by their colorful t-shirts which have FADDER printed on them in large letters. Remember: Once a fadder, always a fadder!

PS. All fadders are required to sign an agreement which you can read by clicking the link in the menu to the right. 

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When is the Kick Off?

The autumn Kick Off starts in August and during the spring the Kick Off begins in January.

You find the schedule for the Kick Off in the calendar when it's getting closer and in the app "JSU Student".

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