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JURA spends most time at Jönköpings Roddsällskaps facilities, where JU have their two gigboats.

The collaboration between JURA and JRS is incredibly important for JURAs members. The university students get through the collaboration a unique chance to develop their rowing skills and get coaching by experienced rowers.

In Munksjön, where JURA train during the outdoor season, is it mostly full activity. We have the privilege to share the lake with some of Swedens greatest talents in rowing. World rowing u23 championships medalists train side by side with beginners which makes an unique opportunity to learn more about rowing.

Together with JURA you can row for fun, for a good workout, for competitions or all three. University rowing is something that grows bigger and bigger in Sweden for every year and JURA works to develop the competitions amongst the universities. Gigboats (wider and a little bit bigger boats) are the boats that are used in most university rowing in Sweden which makes it possible for beginners to compete too.

During the winter we will arrange indoor workouts on the rowing machines.

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