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On this page you can read more about things to keep in mind, when you´re looking for an accommodation.

Be aware of fake ads and rental scams

Unfortunately, rental scams do happen. To prevent fraud, it is suggested that you do not pay anything in advance, avoid dealing in cash, and only make payments after you have seen the apartment and signed a written lease with the landlord. Be aware of your rights and make sure that you fully understand and agree with the rental terms and conditions written in the contract.

Start looking for accommodation early

To secure housing for the upcoming semester, you should start looking for different housing options as early as possible since the demand for student housing heats up as the start of the semester approaches.

There is a definite shortage on the housing market so early bird catches the worm!

Market rates & what is included

In Sweden rent is charged on a monthly basis. The shortage in the housing market causes pressure on the housing prices, thus, be prepared to pay 2500SEK-6000SEK per month for a single room and 5000-12000SEK for an apartment. Prices vary depending on the location and quality of the apartment. The usual deposit rent is one or two months’ rent. Also, be aware that some of the housing options require you to pay the rent for the whole semester at once upon your arrival.

Rental fee covers necessary utilities like heating, water, electricity and trash collection, however terms and conditions may apply. Student housing offered by university covers insurance, but in case of renting from the private market make sure to agree on insurance terms with your landlord.

What if you don’t pay your rent?

As a tenant you are responsible for fulfilling your financial responsibilities towards your landlord in a timely manner. However, in case you are unable to pay your rent in time, contact your landlord as soon as possible. Deliberately neglecting your payments will have legal consequences, so we firmly suggest that you make timely payments your priority in order to avoid the hassle.

Second hand rental market

Due to the limited amount of housing offered by the university, it is also common to look for second hand rental deals. There are several Facebook groups as well as commercial web pages which can help you in your search, such as Blocket.se.

On the following page we offer a FAQs on housing in Sweden

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