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Growing veggies on the rooftop, advocating recycling in student accommodations, implementing reusable cups at Rio, and fighting for equality – Students for Sustainable Action is all about creating an impact together at JU.

Students for Sustainable Action is an association formed by passionate students who want to work towards a more sustainable campus. We are creating a mindset of sharing stuff between students, using our volunteering network to teach the benefits of giving from the heart, editing a guide for newcomers about sustainable living in Jönköping and educating people on social media about how to make small sustainable steps in their everyday lives.

As students, we feel powerful to reach out to the highest decision makers of JU to implement sustainable solutions. We are working on long-term goals, such as launching a sustainable search engine on all computers on campus, fighting period poverty by providing free and accessible products for women, increasing the amount of plant-based meals at university cafes, creating a transparent and efficient recycling system of the schools and accommodations, and contributing to the rewilding of nature in Sweden and elsewhere.

We do not only want to make JU a sustainable school, but also want to inspire other universities to follow our paths in Sweden and in the world.

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