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Food Safari

Food Safari is all about meeting new people while sharing a delicious 3-course meal in different places all over town.

Don’t miss this event that takes place twice a semester. Food Safari is a three course cooking event, of which you and your team partner only have to prepare one.

This is an absolutely a delicious way of meeting new friends.

How does Food Safari work?

You sign up in teams of two persons at student service. IAC arranges the teams in a way that one team prepares one course: starter, main-dish or dessert, and you serve it at their place. Every meal takes place at a different location with two other teams each time This means each team needs to prepare a dish for six students (including the host and team members).

Please note: Detailed information pertaining to the specific event , such as what's included and ticket sales can be found in the calendar Länk till annan webbplats. closer to its start date as well as on our different social media channels and platforms such as facebook and Instagram

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