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JSU Marketing Team

Maybe you're already following the Student Union on our social media platforms or have come across the events we've promoted. The JSU Marketing team is responsible for managing the Student Union's social media presence.

Interested in joining the team? Send in your application to information@js.ju.se latest 31st of May.

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The JSU Marketing team collaborates with the Student Union on social media initiatives. Comprised entirely of JU students, the team members gain valuable experience and develop their skills through their work.

What the Marketing Team does

The Jönköping Student Union organizes large-scale events such as the Kick Off Festival, Valborg, and the Annual Meeting. The projects undertaken by the JSU Marketing Team align with the members' shared interests, and the created material is published on the Student Union's channels. The work of the JSU Marketing Team, which includes strategic marketing and content creation, is geared towards promoting the Student Union. This work garners significant exposure both on campus and throughout the city of Jönköping.


The members work collaboratively, not only amongst themselves but also with JSU Studio(who creates the digital content), to inspire and motivate each other.

In addition, JSU provides equipment, venues, knowledge and much more!

Profile for Media Team:

  • Be hands-on with all social channels, including posting and engaging with the community
  • Develop, manage, execute and analyze campaigns, such as Kick Off Festival, Valborg and Annual Meeting in collaboration with JSU Studio
  • Is structured, creative and responsible with an eye for details
  • Team player

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