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JSU National Advocacy committee

JSU represent is the committee for the students of Jönköping Student Union (JSU) nation-wide. The main purpose of the committee is to bring the opinions of our students to the national level. JSU Represent maintains and develops the relations and bonds to other student unions in Sweden through networking.

National representation

The central function of the committee is being the link between our local student union and the national lobby organisation of students in Sweden, Sveriges Förenade Studentkårer (SFS). Through forums organised by SFS, the committee has the opportunity to network and build relations with student unions all over Sweden.

SFS organises an annual meeting where we can lobby for what questions we think should be prioritised on a national level. Representative Committee is sent as JSU’s delegation for this meeting and is in charge of motions written by JSU and its members. Every year we visit a different city and student union as the annual meeting moves around it members. We also visit other cities for the membership meeting.


JSU Represent is JSU’s main channel of networking with other student unions, not only in nationwide forums, but also smaller gatherings where more specific problems and projects can be discussed.

You not only help JSU to connect with other student unions, you also have the possibility to get inspired form other schools and their work with student questions, and at the same time, create long lasting friendships while you´re at it.

Local representation

To truly represent the local students in JSU, Representation Committee helps our students write motions to make their voices and opinions heard in relevant student forums. Students with no past experience in writing motions or who just want feedback with an already written motion can always contact REP for help and guidance.

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