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The Karin Lindberg Memorial Fund Foundation has granted Jönköping Student Union the opportunity to award a scholarship of 2000 SEK to a student at Jönköping University who has done something to improve the daily life of their fellow students. The nomination is open to all students at Jönköping University.



August 26, 2009 is a date that will forever be remembered by the students on the MKV program at the University of Jönköping. For those of us who attend/have attended the program, it is no secret that we tend to call ourselves and see ourselves as a family. On August 26, 2009, we lost a sister in Karin Lindberg. This warm, outgoing and joyful woman decided to quickly leave us to our great sadness and loss. Karin was an important part of our family and we immediately felt a great need to make sure that Karin's memory will live on at the school for many years to come. Hence the idea of a memorial fund for our Karin, who left no one untouched on her path through life. For Karin, it was always important that everyone around her felt good and she was always the first to share her smile but also a shoulder to cry on if needed. Karin always put her fellow human beings first and it is our hope that this will stimulate students to pass on her spirit and attitude that everyone is equally valuable, has the same right to a smile and above all the ability to spread joy to others.

Declaration of intent/purpose

The purpose of the foundation is to preserve the memory of Karin Lindberg and to pass on her attitude, comradery and joy of life to students at the University of Jönköping. The foundation shall (through a memorial fund) annually award a scholarship of SEK 2,000 to a student who in one way or another has improved the everyday life of his fellow students. The scholarship is not necessarily awarded to the person who has made a great contribution to the students of the University of Jönköping, but can also distinguish students who brighten the lives of a small group of fellow students. The main thing is that the scholarship is given to a student who shows good camaraderie and stands up for his fellow students.

Nominations are open until May 5th, 23:59. The recipient will be announced at the Jönköping Student Union's Annual Meeting.

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