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Corona-adapted Kick Off 2021

When: From 23 August to 2 September

Where: Outdoors in different parks and both inside and outside at Akademien, Student Unions pub

Why do Student Union arrange a Kick Off?

The students' social context is crucial for their mental health, which in turn is crucial for them to succeed well in their studies and feel well as human beings. Therefore, we arrange corona adapted social activities where new students can meet and receive support from other students in the form of sponsors.

We offer a controlled form of Kick Off from an infection risk perspective, where students can get to know each other without having to participate in private parties or gatherings where there is a risk that distance and hygiene are not maintained according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden's recommendations.

How does the Union ensure that activities are carried out in a secure manner?

The Student Union has contact with relevant authorities, such as the police, the municipality and the infection control unit in Jönköping to ensure that the Kick Off as an event complies with all relevant laws and also follows recommendations and restrictions.

This contact is part of the coordinating function that the Student Union is responsible for regarding logistics. In addition to this, the Student Union, together with the student social committees, reviews each individual activity to reduce the risks of the spread of infection between the participants. In addition, for all activities carried out at Akademien, have only fadders and first-year students access.

The Student Union and the social committees review the following:

  • How we secure distance between individuals
  • How we secure distance between different fadder groups
  • How the size of the fadder groups is determined
  • That the activities do not require physical contact
  • Hygiene routines
  • How to ensure access to hand sanitizer and/or soap and water
  • Routines for volunteers and organisers (staff)
  • That only outdoor activities are planned
  • How participants are moving to and from the activities

How will distance be enforced during the activities?

During Kick Off students will be divided into fadder groups and these will vary in size. The size will be determined from what we have judged to be most optimal to keep the logistics as secure as possible from an infection control perspective. Most of the fadder groups will be in the same park and our focus and the fadders responsibility will be to keep distance between all groups so that no direct contact between groups during the activities occurs.

The individual distance within the fadder groups is important and is based on personal responsibility. Participation in the Student Union's activities is voluntary. All students have a large area to use, which will be utilised during all activities.

What about the students who do not feel comfortable participating or are part of a risk group?

It is completely voluntary to participate. The Student Union has carefully planned the kick-off from an infection control perspective and adapted activities and schedules accordingly. Unfortunately, the Student Union has not had the resources to plan any digital alternatives. If it is the case that you do not want to participate during these weeks, we hope that you want to get involved and participate in activities organised by the student union at a later date.

Where will the schedule be available?

The schedule will be released on Monday 23 August in the Student Union's app. The schedule may change so we ask all students to download the app and stay updated regularly regarding the schedule and other information from the Student Union regarding the Kick Off.

What are other unions and universities doing?

What other unions are doing varies greatly, however, the majority are carrying out activities now or are planning it. Which activities they are planning depends largely on the unique conditions in each city and for each student union.

What does the Student Union do to stop private parties?

The Student Union has no direct control over individual students, but we see it as our responsibility to state our reasoning and give clear information. We recommend that students do not arrange own parties or participate in private parties which do follow the current recommendations. Participation in private parties, which do not follow the recommendations, entails the risk of a further increase in the spread of infection, and should this occur, there is an imminent risk that the Kick Off will be cancelled.

We will continuously remind students to follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden's recommendations and to take personal responsibility during our activities as well as outside.

Is there a risk that the Kick Off might be cancelled?

Yes, there is a risk that the kick-off as a whole or parts of it may be cancelled. There is a current spread of the virus in the society, which means that there is a risk that individual students can become infected. There is also a risk that the majority of students from the same fadder group become infected and in the worst case, there is a risk that the majority of groups have a greater spread of infection.

The Student Union will implement different measures in these different situations and will assess measures according to the unique situation. In general, it is first and foremost a matter of preventing those infected and those with symptoms from participating in the activities and limiting the risk of further spread.

I do not have a fadder group, how do I do to participation in the activities?

You will be given a "fadder group" during the roll call, your first day at campus. If you have any other questions regarding your Kick Off, you´ll find the contact information below.

If you study at…

JTH (All programmes but technical base year is not included in the Kick Off) your committee is HI LIFE: Philip Djup, Djph1807@student.ju.se

HLK (IA, MKV, HR, International students) your committee is Blue Crew: Nathalie Larsson Kinnström, Nathalie.lk@hotmail.com, 073-6217668

HLK (Teacher programmes or other pedagogical programmes)your committee is Pedsex Park: Andrea Delgado, Roma18fv@student.ju.se, 073-6871306

HHJ (all programmes) är din sociala kommitté Cellskapet: Elin Risti, Riel20dl@student.ju.se, 070-5878238

JIBS (all programmes) your committee is Sexkreation: Filippa Lagerkvist, filippalagerkvist@gmail.com, 072-3994218

The information on this page will be updated continuously as we make decisions about various activities and measures.

  1. Xue Zhang
    I prefer this activity and want to join you.
    Thank you.
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  2. Sarah
    I can’t wait the kick off days. I am wondering how we gonna participate into different activities
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  3. Nathan
    Kick off is good for alcoholics only. Sobers don’t have anything to do in kickoff.
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