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Update from the Annual Meeting

We are happy that the meeting protocol from the Annual Meeting 2021 is now signed, and you find the documents from the meeting with this news article as well.

Sara Hooton- Vice president och Sophia Fröberg Liljenberg- President

The biggest changes from this year’s Annual meeting was that the constellation of the board changed from 11 to 9 members and that the remuneration levels was increased. The annual meeting also elected a new presidium, where the current JSU President was re-elected for a 3rd term and the current JSA president applied and got elected as the next JSU Vice President. The meeting also re-elected one board member and elected a new board member. This means that with the change in the constellation for the board the board is now missing one board member and by-elections for this position will open in August.

The meeting could only elect one candidate for the Nomination committee and also choose to do so and by-election for the Nomination committee has been open this semester and the board is aiming to fill some of the positions before the summer break.

Unfortunately, no one applied to the role of Operations controller and the by-election will therefore open in August.

For the next operational year which starts the 1st of July we are looking forward to hopefully see all students back at campus again and to continue our work to ensure all students have the best possible student-life. Next year will a major part of our operations be about scaling up activities, events and the service operations to a normal level and from there we hope to have the chance to continue developing these.

Please contact the President if you have any questions regarding the Annual Meeting, president@js.ju.se

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