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Today it´s time for Equal Opportunities and in addition to my takeover on Instagram where you will find the answer to my question in the Quiz, I will here try to give you a bit of a personal view of my area and some additional information about our new committee EQO.

As a former student in the program International Work - Global Studies at HLK, EQO was for me the obvious choice when we in June would decide which area I as JSU general would be responsible for. Equal Opportunities, has for many years been something I am strongly passionate about and has been an important part of my education both at the university-level and already at the secondary-upper school.

EQO is a relatively new committee that works with Equal Opportunities for all students here at JU. Our task is to evaluate and develop the existing system, which in turn has the function of ensuring that your education and presence here at Jönköping University are safe. Currently within the committee we are closely collaborating with OLIK, where we right now thoroughly are going through their process and then make suggestions for improvements. We are also working on a questionnaire that you students will be able to answer and where we hope that you can help us analyse this area and show us more clearly any shortcomings where we can make your voice heard to solve the problems that exist.

That all students should feel safe and welcome is for us, the union as well as the four student associations, essential. You should never feel treated differently because of your origin, religion, sexual orientation and so on. This is a job that will never end as you can never be 100% sure of the situation. However, in a world of constant change what you can do is try and become better and this is what we are working for.

You are all more than welcome to contact us at EQO if you have questions or if you wish to receive our help. Take care and see you on campus!

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