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JSU December Board meeting

Tuesday the 10th of December the JSU Board held their monthly board meeting. The JSU Board assembles normally once a month to decide upon current matters. At Tuesday’s board meeting the employees gave their half-year reports and the JSU-NAC got a new "Mission statement". Our Board member Eric will tell you more about the meeting.

Incoming reports

The employees and remunerated regularly hand in reports on how their work is going so that the board knows what problems arise and what changes has to be made.

The JSU Board went through ten reports and discussed what updates need to be made during the spring.

JSU-NAC Mission statement

JSU National Advocacy Committee (formerly the SFS-committee) is a Board committee that helps prepare student-political documents for the board and acts as delegation for JSU to other Student Unions and the National Students Union of Sweden (Sveriges förenade studentkårer).

The committee has developed a lot during the last couple of years and gotten new tasks, delegated from the Board. This meant that it was time to update their "Mission statement".

More about JSU-NAC can be found on our website.

//Eric Gustafsson

JSU Board Member – Secretary

Words used:

  • JSU – Jönköping Student Union
  • JSU Board – The Board of Jönköping Student Union
  • Board meeting – The highest deciding student body
  • Mission statement – A (policy) document from the JSU Board that regulates a committee or organisational part. For example, what its core mission is and what rights it holds.
  • Board committee – A committee acting as an extension or “right hand” of the JSU Board. Helping them manage a certain question with higher precision than a simple Board member would be able to on their own.
  • JSU-NAC – JSU National Advocacy Committee
  • SFS – Sveriges förenade studentkårer / The National Students Union of Sweden
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