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By Election

Become a part of the Student Union´s team. Apply latest September 23rd.

We are opening a by-elections, where you have the great opportunity to apply to our open positions and become involved in the student life.

What do you get from being involved?

  • Impact on the student life at campus
  • Network as well as meet new friends
  • Work experience

Which positions are open?

Bellow you find the three different positions that are currently open.

Remember that for none of our positions are previous experience required. What you need is the will to learn and develop as well as to contribute to the student life! Take the chance to challenge yourself in an environment made for you to learn.

Nomination Committee – 5 spots

The Nomination Committee are the once who recommend who the next board and presidium should be. They have a crucial role and impact when electing students for various decision-making positions at JSU. One part of the Nomination Committee´s job is also to head hunt students for future roles, which means that the Nomination Committee needs to be out and about on activities and events. As a member of the committee, you get the chance to develop your skills in interview situations. Whether if you are dreaming of working with recruitment or to have a manager position in the future you will get part of the experience you need.

Read more in the role description or contact nominationcommittee@js.ju.se from more information!

Operations Controller – 2 spots

The operations controllers are responsible for ensuring that the board is doing its job and follows the by-laws and other steering framework. It´s an observing position which only reacts if needed. You get a full insight to how the union operates and have the chance to get experience of organisational development and strategy work. An eye for details and the ability to speak up is abilities you get to practice.

Read more in the role description or contact president@js.ju.se from more information!

Board Member – 2 spots

As a board member your job is to bring the students opinion into all the decisions that the board is responsible for. This means that you are expected to attend activities, events and in other ways stay connected with your fellow students. You also need to be aware of what is happening within JSU as an organisation and the board is responsible for looking at how the union can develop for the better. This means that one experience you get among many is to see how an organisation develops and how you can work on a strategic level.

Read more in the role description or contact board@js.ju.se from more information!

Deadline for applications: September 23rd

Send your CV and personal/motivation letter to: nominationcommittee@js.ju.se

Note! The application must be written in English. The positions also require members to both speak and write in English.

Election process:

  1. You send in your application
  2. The Nomination Committee will interview you
  3. The Nomination Committee contact references, if you have given any
  4. You are invited to present yourself, max 5 min, at the Board meeting. Time slot will be given during the election process.
  5. The Board looks over all applications, listens to the candidates and then will take a decision with the Nomination Committee´s recommendation in mind.
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