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How can we improve?

Give us your opinions about our operations, and have the chance to win prizes.

The Annual Meeting is coming closer, and we need to know what YOU think the Student Union should work with during the next operational year.

You can give us your opinion in several different ways:

We need all the input we can get as it is you students who decide on what we should work for!

The JSU Board will consider all the suggestions you send in and then put together next year’s Plan of Operations which is then approved/ edited by you students at the Annual Meeting 9-10th of May.

Prizes and giveaways

As a thank you for giving us your input, you can win prizes and giveaways.

  • Giftcard (1000 kr). Valid in Jönköping City. Compete by enter the Google form, leave your input in our boxes or by e-mail. The more suggestions you leave, the bigger is your chance to win.
  • Leave your input on our Instagram story and win giftcards in Rio.
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Post a comment

We would like to remind you that you are always welcome to give your input on our operations.

If you have any improvement suggestions for the Student Union or other feedback, please e-mail president@js.ju.se

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