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Vice President has resigned

Vice President, Sara Hooton, has resigned from her position due to personal reasons, and her last day at the union was the 4th of February. She notified the board on the 10th of January of her resignation and the board held a board meeting on the 26th of January where the delegation of tasks and responsibility was discussed and decided upon.

Jönköping Student Union would like to give a big thank you to Sara for her time at the Student Union, and her effort and engagement in all projects she worked with!!

The Vice President is responsible for the education area, which includes tasks such as:
  • attending the monthly meetings with SRU (Strategic council for education) and NUF (Committee for education and research). This is meetings where many of the discussion and decisions in terms of educational quality is held and where we make the student’s voice hear in these matters.

  • handling student cases and assisting the educational committee at each student association with their cases and the structure around student representation.

  • gathering students’ input and then analyzing the input and putting forward suggestions on improvements both internally but foremost against JU in terms of educational quality.

  • handling the internal organization together with the president, which in term includes board meetings and preparing for the annual meeting.

These are the main tasks, and the list can be made a lot longer. The vice president position is vital for a functioning student representation at JU. Therefore, it is important that certain of these tasks are kept going and thankfully we will be able to uphold the most important representative functions. Two JSU generals (the president of each student association) have agreed to take certain tasks in terms of representative positions.

  • Erika Falk, president of HI-TECH, has agreed to take the responsibility for upholding the representation in the educational councils and matters.

  • Henriette Tang, president of Hälsosektion, has agreed to take on the responsibility to uphold the representation in work environmental councils and matters.

The organizational responsibility and matters such as preparing for the Annual Meeting have been placed on the current JSU President, Sophia Fröberg Liljenberg, and the board members will in varying degrees also have an increased workload as all the tasks are not suitable for the president to take on.

For the three presidents mentioned above, these delegations will result in an increase of their workload beyond what their original positions entail, and therefore the board has decided to give them an extra remuneration for the period in which the vice president role is vacant.

The Board has decided to not open a by-election, as the chance of finding someone is deemed low and it would require resources for the handover that we would like to prioritize on preparation for the annual meeting and as there are persons with sufficient knowledge and experience willing to take on extra responsibility the most important functions will be upheld.

For further information or if you have any questions please contact the JSU president: president@js.ju.se

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