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How to become a Buddy/ Bli en Buddy

Would you like to get to know a new culture, improve your language skills, share the Swedish culture and get a friend for life? Then you should take the opportunity to become a Buddy for a new-arriving international student to Jönköping University!

Imagine yourself in a situation in which you are traveling halfway around the world to a completely different country. It can be a bit scary and intimidating, especially if you do not know the language or how to get to the grocery store. In order to prevent international students to feel this way, the Student Union offers the Buddy Program. The Buddy Program is for you as a current, local student at JU to help a new arriving international student to adapt to Sweden and the student life in Jönköping. You become their rock in the storm – a friend they can ask for information such as how to buy a bus ticket or where to buy groceries from.

Who can be a Buddy?

All students at Jönköping University who study on campus can become a Buddy for a new-arriving international student. Therefore, you have to be available in Jönköping during that semester that you sign up to become a buddy.

What do I gain from being a Buddy?

In addition to doing a good deed by helping an international student to find her/ his way around in Jönköping, you will learn something new and exciting while making new friends. It is even a perfect start for you if you are planning to study abroad. By networking and getting to know international students you will always find a helping hand if you happen to be in their home country!

How does it work?

Being a Buddy does not mean that you need to neglect your studies and accompany your Buddy day and night. It is more about answering questions and being available when needed. Together you decide how often you will meet each other and what you will do together. Due to corona, we advise that students meet outdoors or virtually.

For obvious reasons, international students need the most help during the first few weeks of the semester; when they just arrived to Jönköping. Especially during these challenging pandemic times. But do not forget that you are a Buddy throughout the semester. If you choose to become a Buddy by filling in the form below, the Student Union will invite all Buddies and international students to an online mingle in the beginning of the semester. Also, the Student Union will organize a few events and activities for the international students and the Buddies throughout the semester, following the Swedish government and health guidelines. Of course we encourage all students to respect the social distancing rules.

JU buddies are needed more than ever this semester for our international students, since buddies can make a huge difference to our international students, with answering the new students’ questions or telling them about life in JU, and Jönköping, even before the students’ arrival. 

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