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About us

Who are you? Maybe you're thinking about taking up higher studies, or perhaps you already have a pile of books in front of you and dream about your future. A future where you're a lot richer in terms of knowledge, friends and opportunities.

Why ask the question "who are you" on a page supposed to provide information about the workings of Jönköping Student Union? The answer is simple: because you, who are a student at Jönköping University, are Jönköping Student Union.

We're thousands of students who together form the Jönköping Student Union, a gigantic trade union for students. Although we may look and act like any other trade union, there's one significant difference: the people who work here are all students, people who have temporarily suspended their own studies to make sure that your time a as a student becomes the best possible.

So, how does the Student Union work and what does it do for you as a student? 

You are a member

At Jönköping University it is compulsory for all students to be members of Jönköping Student Union.* The semesterly fee makes you a member of the Student Union as well as the Student Association connected to your School. 

Read more about the membership and the membership fee.

*This compulsory Student Union membership applies to all students, with the exception of PhD´s and students studying basår/ bastermin, who are currently enrolled at a course or program at Jönköping University.

What is it we do?

The Student Union works on a daily basis with:

Large and small things that make your life as a student easier and which ensure that your education becomes as good as possible.

The tasks we perform are not decided on the spur of the moment but by the Annual Meeting of the Student Union, which consists of students from all the schools. The Annual Meeting is also when new representatives are elected; driven students who represent your interests as well as those of all the other thousands members towards the University and the municipality. Perhaps you are the next President of Jönköping Student Union? 

As we have mentioned before, the Student Union is a vast organization and involves a great many students. Thus, it's not always easy to wrap one's head around it and everything that's going on. If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts with us, feel free to drop by the Student House, floor 2, or contact us.

Content checked / updated  2020-09-15

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