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  • 2020-01-10

    Student Welcome Fair

    On Friday 17 January, 2020 you are welcome to attend Student Welcome Fair at Campus Arena between 11:00-12:30!
  • 2020-01-08

    New Project Leader at the Student Union

    Jonatan Fredriksson is the new Project Leader at the Student Union and he will begin his mandate in January this year.
  • 2019-12-18

    Exam reminders for Android mobiles do not work

    Notifications from JU Mobile to Android mobiles are currently not working.
  • 2019-12-16

    New student at JU

    Will you start your studies at Jönköping University this spring? Congratulations, you have a fantastic time of study ahead of you and Jönköping Student Union is here to make sure that your time at JU ...
  • 2019-12-13

    JSU December Board meeting

    Tuesday the 10th of December the JSU Board held their monthly board meeting. The JSU Board assembles normally once a month to decide upon current matters. At Tuesday’s board meeting the employees gave...
  • 2019-11-13

    By-election, Student Union Project Leader

    Students at JU, you now have the opportunity to become the next JSU Project Leader.
  • 2019-11-11

    Voting process was wrongly performed

    Due to a wrongly performed voting process, the Student Union unfortunately must announce that the result from our last Board meeting is invalid.
  • 2019-11-11

    Go Exchange Fair

    November 12th between 11-13 in Campus Arena it´s time for the Go Exchange Fair. During this event you will be given the opportunity to mingle and connect with students from around the world that have ...
  • 2019-11-04

    Recruitment: JSU National Advocacy Committee

    JSU National Advocacy Committee (JSU-NAC) is the committee for national collaboration and student-political representation at the student union. We represent JSU at national forums hosted by other stu...
  • 2019-10-14

    Events at campus this week

    Below you´ll see all the open events at campus this week. Note that you may need to register for some of them.

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