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  • Highlights from the board meeting 25th of February

    In late February the Student Union Board had a meeting. Please read below what they decided, concerning your student life.

  • New Focus

    This is the final day of the first round of takeovers this spring and don´t forget to enter the quiz – it´s your last chance!

  • EQO

    Today it´s time for Equal Opportunities and in addition to my takeover on Instagram where you will find the answer to my question in the Quiz, I will here try to give you a bit of a personal view of m...

  • Opening hours Student service

    Please note that Student Service will be closed on March 4th.

  • Work environment committee

    Hope you have taken a look at my takeover - if not make sure you do it before it disappears and listen carefully as you find the answer to one of the questions in the quiz!

  • Get to know the Student Union´s Project Leader

    My name is Elmer Lidström and I am the Project leader at the Student Union. The work as Project leader is focused on the social life for students which means that I run projects for and by students.

  • Takeover with focus on education

    It´s the second day of the takeovers and as we are two remunerated working with the area of education, this is going to be from both me, Jenný who you find on Instagram today Tuesday, and Erika who is...

  • Organisational complexity and development

    Today is the first day of a couple of takeovers, where we will try and give you some insights to what the remunerated at the union work with. We are going to publish articles about each area together ...

  • Takeover time

    Starting February 22nd you will get to know all remunerated students working at the Student Union. They will tell you more about their work, which you will find both on our website and also on Instagr...

  • Reminder that only authorized persons may be on campus

    Due to the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, only JU students and staff have access the university’s premises. When you are in JU’s premises, we ask you to be prepared to show your student...

  • Project Team is looking for new members

    Do you like planning and organizing events? Are you creative and full of ideas? JSU Project team is looking for new members to help create future events for the Student Union.

  • Zoom in with other students at JU

    Want to share and get some tips and tricks on how to cope in these challenging times?

  • JU for Future - Join SSA today!

    The Student Union´s association SSA is looking for new members.

  • Information from the Board, January

    Below is information from the Board meetings on the 12th, 18th and 28th of January 2021.

  • Conversation about loneliness in Corona times

    The pandemic can make it difficult to connect to other people. The experience of loneliness can evoke many thoughts and feelings.

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