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New student at JU, spring 2022

A warm welcome to Jönköping Univeristy and to Jönköping Student Union.

A warm welcome to your new hometown and to Jönköping Student Union! Are you curious about your new student life? In that case, make sure to read our magazine above. There you´ll find necessary information about the upcoming semester, our organisation and how we can support you throughout your student life here in Jönköping. If you can´t find all your answers in the magazine, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you!

In addition, you´ll find some useful links below.


Due to covid-19 and the current restrictions in Sweden, we will not be able to arrange the Kick Off this semester.

The current situation with covid-19 has resulted in adjustments within Jönköping Student Union. The adjustments apply to the start of the spring semester. Together with the student associations we have taken the decision that we unfortunately can´t arrange the Kick Off, this semester. This is due to covid-19 and the current regulations from the Swedish Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

We are more than sorry to announce this since we very much looked forward to meet you during the Kick Off. But we still strive to give you the best possible start to your student life at campus.


Please contact us if you have any other questions. You´ll find all our contact information on our website.


Below is some information to our most frequently asked question from new students:

Questions about accommodation:

The Student Union do not own any accommodation of our own and thereby we can´t as an organisation help individuals to find an apartment.

We are working with this area in a political manner and therefore we can only give tips to students looking for an apartment – you find the tips on our webpage.

If you have a question in regard to your accommodation that you are getting through the university, you need to turn to the Accommodation Office. (This only applies to international students who applied for the accommodation guarantee)

Question about the membership fee

When can I pay the membership fee?

You need to register on your courses before you can pay the membership fee. You can register on your courses earliest 1 week before the course start. Aim at paying the fee within the first two weeks but it´s not required that you pay it the first day.

Question about the study social life


See the information above.

Study-social activities and groups

There are numerous different groups on campus in which you can get involved or simply attend the events and activities they produce. You find a list of the suborganization to the union on our website and if you don´t find what you would like to do you can contact associations@js.ju.se in the beginning of the semester to start a new initiative on campus.

Questions about admission and role calls?

The Student Union is not involved in the admission process or the schedule of role calls. Therefore we are unable to answer questions in these two areas. In terms of admissions contact JU´s Admissions Office and in terms of the role calls contact Service Center at JU (not to be confused with Student Service which is operated by the Student Union).

You always find more information on our webpage.

Hope you have a great summer, and we are all looking forward to meet you during next semester!

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