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New decision by the principle- anonymous exams

Anonymous exams has been implemented at Jönköping University, after 12 years of lobbying.

This has been a slow process and the focus of the project has varied from year to year. Most other Swedish universities have already implemented anonymous exams. A pilot for the process was conducted last fall and the it can be summarized by that small problems can occur but they are also easy to fix. The question concerning anonymous exams has been raised numerous times and the response from the university has varied.

The university has the past years promised the Student Union that they will implement this process but for certain reasons it has not happened. This time the Student Union were very clear that they wish to have the principle to decide on the matter. Starting September 2021, will therefore all exams (both on paper and digital Inspera exams) be anonymous. This means that the examiner will not know who has written the exam.

As a student you will receive more information about this from your teacher and from the university.

You´ll find the principle’s decision here. Pdf, 1.5 MB.

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