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Interview with the Student Union´s Board

Read more about Tamás Tóth´s experience as being part of the Board at the Student Union.

Best parts of being a member in the Board?

The chance that we are able to meet new and interesting issues and matters. We try to solve these questions in our best way, with that everyone learns and improves. And of course, the varied kind of people we get to know along the way.

Do you need any specific knowledge to be a part of the Board?
As far as I think it is a position where you can learn almost everything through your work. However, it is a benefit if you are enthusiastic and likes to work with others on matters that have an impact on the student's life.
What will you gain from being a Board member?
You will gain a lot of real-world experience. In these cases, you need to come up with a solution to questions that have a real effect on other people's life. In my opinion, this kind of experience is really useful when you will look for a job.

What personal skills have you developed over the past year in the Board?

I learned how to work with others, whose thinking is different from mine and how to stand up for my opinion. Get to learn how to speak in front of others is another great advantage I got.

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