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Interview with the Student Union´s Operations Controller

Read more about Emma Nordin´s position as the Operations Controller at the Student Union.

What do you do, as an Operations Controller (OC)?

In my position as an OC, I attend meetings and make sure that the work that the Student Union is doing is in line with what they should do. Are democratic decisions made and are they based on what’s best for the students? Do they focus on the right things? Does the Student Union follow the organizational rules and the by-laws? The operational year is later summarized in a report that will be sent out at the end of it.

How often do you have meetings?

It depends, in the position as the OC you’ll have the right to summon meetings as well. But I’d say approximately two meetings per month in average.

How much time does it require to be an OC?

If you are rather familiar with the university and understand the work that JSU does, I wouldn’t say it requires too much time. Although, it is up to everyone to determine how much time you’d want to and need to put into your work. Firmly, it is valuable if you can set aside time for all important meetings.

What is the best part of your work?

I would say that the absolute best part of being an OC is to see how much heart the board put into their work.

Do you need any specific knowledge to be an OC?

When you become an OC, there are a lot of documents that you will need to read and understand. Therefore, good English skills are primary. It is also an advantage if you have a student political interest, but it is not a must.

Who can apply to be an OC?

Everyone who is a member of JSU and who’s also a student at JU.

What will you gain from being an OC?

Depending on the situation, you will attain different work experiences. But briefly you will develop a more formal understanding of an organization and the importance of by-laws. Also, you will learn how it’s possible to make a difference and learn to see when it is necessary to make them.

What personal skills have you developed over the past year as an OC?

Stepping in as an OC alone during my first year while I also took the position as Social media coordinator in Hype. as well as course developer, was challenging and it is not recommended. It works if you want one h*ll of a challenge though. In brief, I’d summarize my year as challenging. Throughout my year I’ve learned so much about JU in whole, the importance of having a student union and the importance of well written documents including budgets. I really recommend everyone who has an interest in development to apply for this position.

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