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JSU Annual Meeting 2020

A warm welcome to the JSU Annual Meeting on May 4-5th. Together we will improve our student life on campus.

During the meeting we will discuss and pass resolutions regarding questions and suggestions you and other students have the possibility to submit. In addition, we decide the budget for the upcoming year and elect a new Board, President, Vice President, Operations Controller and Nomination Committee. As a JU student you can apply for all of these positions and jobs. Naturally, the Student Union serves free food and "fika" both days! No sign-up is needed.


JU students can apply for all vacant positions at the Student Union. Send your CV and personal letter to valberedningen@js.ju.se

Vacant positions:

- President, remunerated
- Vice President, remunerated
- Member in the Nomination Committee
- Member in the JSU Board
- Operations Controller

(Apply and become a Delegate of your School to become eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting. Your student association appoints its representatives at their Biannual meeting.)

More information about the Annual Meeting on our campaign web

Deadline for motions and interpellations: April 13th

Please send them to ordf@js.ju.se

Note! If you want to change something in the JSU by-law, then we need your motion latest April 4th.

Deadline for applications: April 20th at 12.00 (All students at JU can still apply for all positions on the spot, during the Annual Meeting.)

Please send your application to valberedningen@js.ju.se

See you at the Annual Meeting!

Note that the meeting this year will be digital, due to covid-19. In order to participate during the meeting, please register on the link. external link

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