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Are you interested in making movies or in graphic design? Then you should apply to the brand new JSU Studio, a collaboration with the advertising agency OAS.

Benefits of being a member in the studio

As a member in the studio we will provide you with all necessary film and editing equipment, work experience, a portfolio, cred for all the movies and a certificate. If you wish, you can also attend relevant workshops and courses around Sweden. You will also receive study abroad points.

The Studio

We´re looking for students who can either film or edit our different events and happenings. For example, small trailers or bigger events such as the Kick Off. Preferable you will be in the studio for at least two semesters and work with one project. You decide how much time you can contribute with. The movies will be released in the JSU communication channels. (On Facebook we receive up to 70 000 exposures per movie.)

Important to keep in mind is that you will receive guidance in the projects from JSU but you have a big artistic freedom, and are able to come up with your own projects.

To apply, send an email to the JSU Communications Coordinator (information@js.ju.se) latest Sunday March 11. Briefly describe yourself and your previous experience within either film making or editing (or both). We´re looking forward to your response!


We´re looking for students who have:

  • Technical knowledge within film and editing
  • Knowledge for the process of making a film
  • Understanding for storytelling, rhythm and dramaturgy
  • An eye for details and is structured, creative and responsible
  • *Knowledge within graphic design (Optional. We are able to recruit students for graphic design projects as well.)
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