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No exam on weekends

Jönköping Student Union, LOK and HI TECH claim that all examinations at Jönköping University should take place Mon-Fri, to secure equal conditions for all students. By changing this, the current examination periods and system should stay the same. Do you support our claim, then please sign our petition.

Exam free weekends have been rising as a topic in discussion during the past months. During HI TECH’s fall biannual meeting of 2017 a motion was brought forward and approved by the meeting regarding exam-free weekends. Furthermore, according to Jönköping Student Unions letter of opinion it says that it is in the Union’s opinion that exams should only take place during weekdays.

Therefore, Jönköping Student Union, LOK and HI TECH would like to bring this topic forward.

Are you one of the students of Jönköping University who support this claim? Sign this petition and help us to show the University the magnitude of this problem.

Why are exams during weekends a problem?

  • During weekdays the examiners are obligated to be reachable for questions during the exam. This does not apply to the exams taking place during weekends. Some teachers chose to do it voluntarily, but they do not get any financial compensations for it. This results in an inequality of conditions for different students to write their exam, as some will receive answers to possible questions and some will not.
  • In case of an exam 8.00 on a Saturday or Sunday there are no public transports for students commute who from Fagerhult, Mullsjö, Nässjö, Forserum and Eksjö (most common places where students live outside of Jönköping). If as student lives in Gränna or Habo they would have to leave with the buss at 5.30 in the morning in order to make it to their exam on time.
  • For students with children there could be a difficulty to find daycare for their children during weekends.
  • The administration and IT-department at Jönköping University are closed during weekends so in a case of an issue there are no support available.

We believe that this problem can be solved in a way that would not change the current examination periods and system in a way that would harm the students, by for example prolonging the study-semesters, shortening the time a student must write an exam or placing the facilities for exams outside of Jönköping city center. These solutions will be not acceptable for us.

  1. Emily
    There is plenty of time during the week to have exams. Weekends should be for studying and recovering, plus public transport on weekends is not reliable for some of us.
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  2. Sara
    Also... our neighbours don’t really care if we have an exam Saturday and Sunday and will proceed to disturb our much needed exam sleep! Weekday exams mean we don’t need to worry about being distrubed by partying neighbours, at least it will be much less likely....
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