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Midnight race

Jönköping! It´s time for a new tradition- the Midnight Race!

Two million children are being used in child trafficking every year. Many of these children are barely visible in any statistics. Sex trafficking with children is a growing multi-billion industry with huge unrecorded numbers. Child trafficking has many different faces. It could be the girls who are forced to live in brothels under terrible conditions, where perpetrators order sexual assault on the children online, boys who are sexually abused by tourists or girls who are sold by their parents thinking they would get work but are instead forced to be sex slaves for rich families. Equally many children/families that are affected by this, just as many reasons YOU have to do something about it! Let us together try to make an effort to contribute to prevent these atrocities from continuing!

The race

Monday the 11th of December we will gather in Hälsoparken from 23:30 and when the clock turns 00:00 we will start to either run, jog or walk around Munksjön! Together we will swish 50 SEK before we start. You will have the opportunity to donate in cash as well. This event is for EVERYONE, not only students! United we love United against child trafficking

Donate any amount to Musikhjälpen by swish: 123 187 12 43

More info in our Facebook eventexternal link, opens in new window

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