What is the Annual Meeting?

It's time for the Student Union Annual Meeting. Your chance as a member to shape your time as a student for the better.

Oh well. What’s a year without an Annual Meeting? There would be less administration and-and-and guidelines... and-and... it would all be completely worthless!

In brief, the Annual Meeting is where you and your fellow classmates, as you are all students, decide what your association, the Student Union, should work towards over the next year. Should we invest in a bouncy castle on Campus or train all of the course evaluators at the University to ensure the quality of your education? Should we keep the proud traditions of Kick-off week or not? It's up to you to decide.

The Annual Meeting largely functions the same way as a general election, only simpler and on a smaller scale.

See you on April 26th at 09.00!


Paul Pawlowski
036 10 11 51
0707 66 62 41

This is how the Annual Meeting works: 

1.You are summoned

If you're reading this, that has already been accomplished. The first thing to be done prior to the Annual Meeting is to make sure that you, the members, are informed about when the Annual Meeting takes place, what you can help to change, and how you can do it. We then move on to the next step, which is also the most important. 

2. You use your democratic rights

It's your right and responsibility to take an active interest in the Annual Meeting. Take this opportunity to submit questions or suggestions, become a Delegate, or apply for any of the vacant posts. Of course, you're also welcome to just attend the Annual Meeting and voice your opinions there. Read more about how you can influence the Student Union.

3. See you at the Annual Meeting  

During the Annual Meeting, we discuss and pass resolutions regarding all of the questions and suggestions you and other students have submitted. In addition, we settle on a budget and elect a new Board, President, Vice President, and two Operational Auditors. Naturally, the Student Union serves free food and "fika" all day!