What is the Annual Meeting?

During the Annual Meeting can you and your fellow students decide what the Student Union should work with. In this way you can affect and improve your student life.

How can I improve my own student life by participating at the Annual Meeting?

1. You can hand in suggestions of what the Student Union should work with. If the suggestions pass at the Annual Meeting will the Student Union work with that area.

2. You can become a delegate and together with 30 students vote on suggestions and candidates during the Annual Meeting.

3. During the meeting you can ask questions and argue for a suggestion which would improve the student life.

4. You can apply for the vacant positions and work with all the suggestions of improvments in the student life. It is how we work with the suggestions that will tell how well we succeed.

Read more about how you can affect the meeting.

What will be decided during the Annual Meeting?

1. WHAT we will work with (Plan of Operation and budget)

2. HOW we will work (Plan of Operation, by laws and letter of opinion, verksamhetsplan + stadgar + letter of opinion)

3. WHO will work with WHAT (election of the Board and Presidium)

We will also decide if we need to change the By laws- which are the fundamental rules for how the organisation shall function as well as the priviligies and obligations members have.

There are many different proposals for the Annual Meeting, you´ll find all suggestions by the Board on our website from April 11th.

See you on May 9-10th!


Sophia Fröberg Liljenberg
036 10 11 51
0707 66 62 41

Annual report 2020-2021

Will be available during spring 2022.

This is how the Annual Meeting works: 

1. You are invited to the Annual Meeting

Are you reading this sentence, then this step is already complete.

When: May 9-10th

May 9th: 9.00-17.00, May 10th: 9.00- approx. 18.00

Place: Zoom and campus (Kurt Johansson aula, HHJ)

2. Register

We will follow any recommendations, and therefore we might need to be flexible with the place for the meeting. At this moment we are planning for a meeting that members can join on the spot at campus and via the digital platform Zoom.

Delegates will participate on the spot.

Register for free lunch during the meeting latest May 4th.

Please register here External link, opens in new window.

3. The Board will send out their suggestions

Latest April 6th will the Board send out their suggestions/ propositions to all members. The suggestion are:

By laws (HOW)

Plan of Operation (WHAT)

Letter of Opinion (WHO)

4. Send in suggestion and applications

Deadline for suggestions (motions) and applications are April 18th.

Read more about the vacant positions on our campaign web.

5. Election of delegates

April 4th-21st, you can apply to become a delegate during your own student associations´ By-annual meeting. Read more about how to become a delegate on our website.