How can I affect the 
Student Union?

Have your say and participate in the Student Union Annual Meeting! There are a number of ways in which you can exercise your democratic rights as a member of the Jönköping Student Union. Choose the ways in which you wish to influence the Student Union!

1. Become eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting

Apply and become a representative (Delegate) of your School to become eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting. Your student association appoints its representatives at their bi-annual meeting. For more information about how to become a representative, please visit your student association.

2. Ask questions and influence the annual meeting

Do you have a question that is eating away at you, or a brilliant idea for how the Student Union can ensure the quality of your education? You can submit questions (interpellations) and suggestions for changes (motions) until March 30th. These will be discussed during the Annual Meeting, April 20th. 

Read more about how you write an interpellation and a motion.PDF

All input is welcome. You can either ask questions of a general nature, or suggest amendments to the existing steering documents.

3. Apply for a vacant positions 

Take the opportunity to work on behalf of your fellow students and apply for one of the vacant positions. Perhaps you are the next President of the Student Union? The application deadline is May 11th.

The positions you can apply for are:

  • President
  • Board Member (JTH and HLK representative)
  • Operation Controller
  • Nomination Committee

Take the floor during the Annual Meeting!

All members are entitled to attend and take the floor during the Annual Meeting on April 20th. All you have to do is come and say what is on your mind! 

How to write a motion

Example: Motion on education quality:

We find that monitoring of education should become better and therefore we demand:

that the Student Union should invest 100 000 SEK on educating course evaluators.