How can I affect the 
Student Union?

Don´t miss your opportunity to affect your own and your fellow students´ life. You can affect the meeting in four different ways.

1. Send in suggestions

As a member you can send suggestion of what and how the Student Union should work with. This include leaving suggestions on specific goals, change the budget, By-laws or Letter of Opinion. You can send a suggestion/ motion either on your own or as a group.

Deadline: April 18th. Send your suggestions to:

Read more in our Motion guide. Word, 40.9 kB.

2. Become a delegate (representative)

Each year is 30 students elected to be delegates at the Annual Meeting. They are appointed at the student associations´ by-annual meetings.

As a delegate you are eligible to vote and decide what nine employees and seven remnuerated students should work with for one operational year. In addition you decide what the budget of 10000000 shold be used for. This means that you highly affect the student life for 11 000 students.

Dates for the By-annual meetings:

Hälsosektion: April 4th

HI TECH: April 19th

LOK: April 19th

JSA: April 21st

Read more in the guide about the meeting and what is excpected of you.

3.Ask questions:

You can ask questions in two different ways:

  • Interpellation: You can send a question to the Board before the meeting. The board then has the obligation to answer the question during the meeting as well as notify all members about it prior to the meeting.
    Deadline: April 18th. Please send it to:
    Read more about how to apply in the Annual Meeting guide.
  • Claim: A claim is a proposal put forward during the Annual Meeting and it´s mainly used to propose a change of a part of a proposition or a motion. Read more about claims in the guide.

4. Apply for a vacant position

Apply for one of our open positions in order to affect the student life for one year. The different positions entails different tasks and focus areas.

Deadline for applications: April 18th. You can also apply on the spot. Apply via our form. External link, opens in new window.

Read more about how to apply in the Annual Meeting guide.

Let us know what you think during the Annual Meeting!

As a member you are entitled to ask any questions you like during the meeting. You can also participate any time you like. Don´t forget to register: