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JSU Studio is recruiting

JSU Studio, a campus located advertising agency centered round photography, film, social media and graphic design, is currently recruiting members.

JSU Studio is an agency, composed of three teams:

  • Visuals (videography and photography)
  • Design (graphic design)
  • Media (social media)

All members are JU students and through their work with the studio and partners they are given the opportunity to develop their personal skills in related work.

Please send your application to information@js.ju.se latest April 24th (interviews are held continuosly) with following information:

  • the team you would like to join
  • your portfolio
  • a short description about yourself and why you would like to join JSU Studio
  • where you found out about JSU Studio

We look forward to hear from you!

  1. Artemis
    Hello there! I was wondering if there is still a chance that you need someone for social media. I love making posts on social especially on TikTok or instagram. Let me know if there’s an open position!
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Emma Björkdahl
Communications manager
0707 66 60 17


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