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Highlights from the board meeting 25th of February

In late February the Student Union Board had a meeting. Please read below what they decided, concerning your student life.

The main points of this meeting were that we decided to lobby for the search engine Ecosia to be the main one for JU to use. This was put forward after a motion written by the interest association SSA. For every search, one tree is planted somewhere in the world, a small and easy step to do a good thing! Read more about it hereexternal link, opens in new window, and here. external link, opens in new windowWhy not switch to it on your own computer?

The board received a preliminary report of the financials for second half year of 2020 with an expected good result. The Union will keep on the work of the new budget structure and this update was the first one with the new budget items which was appreciated by the board.

The presidium updated the board about their latest work. We have now started having monthly lunches with the President and Executive Vice President of JU to deepen the relationship and have a more informal ground for discussions. We also work with SFSexternal link, opens in new window with writing a position paper regarding the Swedish Quality Assurance system to give the student perspective in the revision of it. Input are always given to several documents and one very important document for JU right now is their answer to what they have done since they got reviewed by UKÄ – The Swedish Hight Education Authority in 2018. A lot of improvements have been made and we are always checking up on them!

Unfortunately, the final decision regarding a Kick Off Festival for 2021 was decided upon and there will not be any planning of a festival. This is due to the uncertainties on how the summer and autumn will be regarding the pandemic. Our resources will instead be prioritised to be used for other great events and happenings along the spring and for the autumn.

Sophia Fröberg Liljenberg announced that she will reapply for the President position for 2021. Jenný Jensdóttir announced that she will not reapply, she will go back to finish her studies but are extremely happy for the time spend at the Union.

The preparations for the Annual General Meeting is going strong and the board will put forward several propositions which will be presented to you in April, so stay tuned!

Lots of love,

Jenný Jensdóttir

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