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This is the final day of the first round of takeovers this spring and don´t forget to enter the quiz – it´s your last chance!

Today is about the Student Question Accommodation and it´s a question that the union has taken a bit of relaunch on as it for the past 2 ½ years it has not been an area of focus. Even though those of us who works full-time at the union would like to be able to drive every question with equal energy and time, we must accept that we have limited resources and must prioritize. Therefore, I´m happy that I will have the time this spring to give the accommodation question a bit more focus. Accommodation is an important question as everyone should not just have a roof over the head, but needs an environment where you can fit your whole life into. The question becomes even more urgent when so many of you during the current situation must stay at home.

During the spring I´m planning to really try and map how many student accommodations we have in Jönköping, which is tricky as there are many different landlords and it´s sometimes unclear what a student accommodation is. However, it´s vital to know how many we have to really be able to lobby for how many more we need. I will also take a look at the accommodation guarantee that the University offers and investigate if our international students have suggestion for improvements.

New for the spring is also that you can contact us on a common email if you have a question or a problem with foremost your university accommodation. Remember that we can´t offer any legal counsel, but we will do our best to help you with your questions!

Remember to stay tuned to learn more about us during the spring and don´t forget the Annual Meeting and send in your ideas for what the student union shall do next year!



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