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Takeover with focus on education

It´s the second day of the takeovers and as we are two remunerated working with the area of education, this is going to be from both me, Jenný who you find on Instagram today Tuesday, and Erika who is having her takeover tomorrow.

Education is the only area where we are two remunerated working with different questions and this is for a very simple reason: Your educational quality is the top priority for us as the Student Union.

We work with your education in several different ways. You are represented through us in several decision-making committees in JU where we put forward proposals for changes and always remind them of the important student perspective on all different matters. For example, we put forward suggestions for improvements to the school´s highest and most important steering framework BRJU. We also monitor changes JU make so they do not result in a decrease of the rights for the students or the quality of your education.

In addition, we ensure that the student perspective is included in the very important quality assurance of all programs and we do this through representation from our newly created Student Pool. The pool consists of students who gets training and support from us, so they are fully prepared to give important feedback when evaluating each programme with the focus on improving the overall quality.

A new project for this year together with the Student Associations is to investigate how the course evaluations work, what we can learn from different programmes and how the system could be improved. The goal is to make suggestions for a new structure where students can leave feedback with the same conditions and where results can be compared between the programmes and schools. Once all of this is done, it will be presented in a report with recommendations to JU, to each faculty and the Student Associations.

The Union also supports the Education Committees on each school to make sure that they have the right conditions to be the best possible representatives on their own school. You can always contact them when you have any questions regarding your education, or if you feel that you have not been fairly treated in regards to your education. In that case, they can help you sort out the obligations and rights that both you and the teachers have.

To summarize this great area, representation in the educational questions is everything from the courses and programmes itself, to the course and programme developers and then all the way up to giving input on the strategic path for JU.

You are through us, part of every step of this!

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